We know how important it is to keep your pond clean and your fish healthy. That’s why we use a range of pond filters designed to do just that.

For advice and information regarding the latest filtration technology for your pond:

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Working on filtration for a pond

Box Filters with UVC can be partially buried but the outlet should always be above the pond water level, usually positioned at the top of a waterfall or by the pond edge.

Pressurised Filters can be positioned anywhere around your garden, even below the water level of your pond. This is particularly useful if you have a raised pond or want to hide the filter away from the pond. Please note we do not advise the use of pressurised filters for ponds containing koi Carp.

Pond filter being installed

As well as our selection of standard pond filters, we also supply and fit a range of specialist pond filters including Koi filters for Koi ponds or well stocked goldfish ponds. Specialised filters we use include: traditional up and over filter systems, Nexus filters, Bead filters, and Bio-qubes to name just a few. At Perfect ponds and Landscapes we are always keeping up to date with the latest new products on the market and can install whichever filter is right for you.

As well as providing these it is also possible for us to build your very own bespoke filtration system to suit the exact needs of your pond and fish.

As well as the pond filter itself there are other components you will also need such as pumps, UVCs and oxygen pumps. These are equally as important as incorrect flow rates and insufficient UV clarifiers will render even the biggest most expensive filter useless. Our filter design service will calculate the correct equipment you need to compliment your filtration systems. With this service we will consider factors such as:

  • Friction loss
  • Head heights
  • Sun exposure
  • Water depth
  • stocking levels
  • Planting

Every pond is individual and requires a tailored package. Upon completion we will then hide all filter systems as much as possible to create an elegant finish as shown in the example below.

elegent finish to cover up the filtration

Contact us for information on our latest filtration products.