Due to many different factors you may find that your fish start to act or look abnormal. This is just the same as any other pet you may have, it is a sign there is something wrong and must be dealt with.

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Clean Koi fish pond


New livestock

The most common time you may start to notice problems with your fish is when you have introduced some new fish into your existing pond. When new fish are introduced they can bring disease and infection from an outside source.

Springtime and Spawning

The time of year can also have an impact on your fish. During springtime the temperatures are such that bacteria and parasites are at their most prevalent. If your fishes immune system is low this will be when they are most susceptible to infection.

During times of spawning (can be various times throughout spring and summer when it’s warm) the fish can bash each other quite hard and cause damage. The signs might not be visible but you should be able to tell by their behaviour.

Its always a good idea to monitor your fish for at least half an hour to notice any of these symptoms below:

  • Segregated away from rest of the shoal
  • Sat with fins clamped
  • Flicking off the sides of the pond
  • Swimming erratically
  • Jumping excessively
  • Small white spots (cotton wool like fungus)
  • Mucus

All of these are indicators that they will need external help as usually these problems will not rectify themselves.

Diagnosis and treatment

A few common diseases to look out for in your pond fish and Koi carp are:

  • Saprolegnia
  • Fin Rot
  • Dropsy
  • Parasites
  • Fish louse
  • Skin fluke
  • Gill fluke
  • White spot
  • KHV – this is a DNA based virus and would need emergency treatment from a vet

We offer visual inspection followed by a physical examination taking a skin scrape which will then be viewed under a microscope and a diagnosis of the parasite will be confirmed. An effective course of treatment can be recommended and administered by our specialised team at Perfect ponds and Landscapes.

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